What the Hell is Loretta Sanchez Talking About?

ANNOUNCER: It's the hot new game show sweeping the country, What the Hell is Loretta Sanchez Talking About? Here's your host, Rock Pudding.

PUDDING: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another thrilling chance to win four bucks, a bottle of Armor All and a job. Contestants, please look at the monitor behind me. Let's go ...

ANNOUNCER: Thanks, Rock. We are watching tape shot at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena on Sept. 7, 2008. This past Sunday, through the wonders of extremely slow post production, C-SPAN2's Book TV just brought its viewer an appearance by Loretta and Linda Sanchez, promoting their inspirational, autobiographical book, Dream in Color. The congressional Latina sister act sits in front of microphones on a table, addressing a crowd of mostly older women. 

PUDDING: Thanks, Morey.

ANNOUNCER: It's Murray.

PUDDING: Whatever. We are now going to show you Loretta Sanchez speaking to the crowd. The "he" she will refer to is former President Bill Clinton. The first contestant to identify the "it" she is speaking of wins the grand prize, Okay, contestants, hands on buzzers. You folks playing at home, hands off buzzers. Roll tape ...

LORETTA SANCHEZ: I remember I was working with Donna Shalala, who at that time was the Health and Human Services secretary in his cabinet. And she and I would go in there and tell him, "We need to put it in, we need to put it in." And we would put it in, and then his staff would take it out. And then we'd go back in and [pounding a fist on the table] beat up Bill Clinton. "We need to put it in, we need to put it in." And then we'd put it in, and it would be taken out. And then, finally, we went to Hillary, actually, and we said, "Hey, make sure it stays in there." And she did.

PUDDING: The congresswoman goes on to reveal what the "it" was. So, contestants, what the hell is Loretta Sanchez talking about?

See Comment No. 21 for the unbelievable answer!


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