What the Feds Giveth the State Taketh Away

From Roger Butow, Laguna Beach's world renowned fighter of ca-ca (in all its forms):

Where's the Relief Beef?
Let's see, Congress is amenable to a $400 per year tax decrease for individual working slobs like me, about $1.10 per day. Meanwhile, this State is going to increase certain taxes so I'll be forced to pay more each day to cover budget deficits. Undoubtedly canceling each other out (probably worse here in California), where is the promised relief for those average American household income earners, those of us making under $46,000 per year? Are we having fun yet?

This reminds me of my first job at a daily newspaper. The editor would call me into his office, shake my hand and reward my hard work with a 4 percent raise. Then the next day I'd get a memo from HR saying my health insurance premium was rising 6 percent. And so it goes ...


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