What Happened To The Bi-Sexual Brazilian's Divorce Court Claim?

​"Without making a determination as to the sexual desirability of Kevin, it is possible that Kevin did not get enough sex during marriage but many marriages are sexually dysfunctional . . . Kevin jumped off the diving board too soon when he got married."

--Orange County Superior Court Judge Michael J. Naughton before ruling about whether a Brazilian-born, part-time fitness instructor named Fernanda was entitled to spousal support from Kevin, her accountant husband who earned more than $230,000-a-year. After the couple's quick Las Vegas marriage, Fernanda got a permanent resident card, left his Laguna Beach home, moved in with her financially supportive "female paramour" in Los Angeles and declared that California law entitled her to dual sources of support because she hadn't moved in with someone of the opposite sex. An unimpressed Naughton ruled against her. In late December, a California court of appeal based in Santa Ana backed the judge's decision and ordered the woman to pay Kevin's legal costs.


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