What do Lindsay Lohan and Hugh Hewitt Have in Common?

Although we're no fans of local talk show host Hugh Hewitt, we couldn't help but to feel a twinge of sympathy for the man, who's also a professor of law at Chapman University. The latest edition of the school's Chapman Magaine has a mini-profile on Hewie, whom you can listen to every weekday at 3pm on KRLA-AM 870. In the story, Hugh tells the magazine that the reason his show succeeds is because he respects his audience. "It doesn't have to be about celebrity or salaciousness," Hewitt states, and his show--which frequently features Chapman Law dean John Eastman and new UC Irvine dean Erwin Chemerinsky--does stay away from tawdriness.

Not so much Chapman Magazine, though: just eight pages after Hewitt's profile, a brief, breathy item about Lindsay Lohan attending a lacrosse match at Chapman. "As word spread across the campus by cell phone and text-message," the absolutely pointless dispatch enthused, "scores of students, gawkers and hangers-on flooded to the game to try to catch a glimpse of the starlet." To add insult to Hugh's insight, the magazine placed the Lohan item next to a review of Salman Rushdie's March 31 appearance at the ever-growing Orange school. Is Chapman really that lame of a school that it wasted valuable space on Lohan? Considering the school's longtime Chairman of the Board of Trustees was OC GOP slumlord George Argyros and it granted yours truly a diploma in 2001, the answer is yes!


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