What Did the DEA Know & When Did They Know It?

From the Dec. 23, 1993, issue of Roll Call magazine in Washington, D.C.:

Folks seem to have trouble getting Sen. Larry Craig's (R-Idaho) name right. Things started to go bad for Craig back in June, when he not-so-inadvertently referred to President Clinton in a floor speech as President Carter. The next week, Craig received a letter from the Drug Enforcement Administration addressed to "Sen. Mary Kraig."

But perhaps it wasn't just the federal bureaucracy that was wise to Craig's double life as conservative-Bible-thumper-Republican-congressman and airport-bathroom-sex-slut.

Did the heavens know too?

Here was the senator's published horoscope for Monday, June 11, 2007--the day Craig tried to commit sex acts with an undercover male police officer in a Minnesota airport bathroom:

If a dark cloud has been hovering over a personal relationship, it may be time to reevaluate. Cancerians desire respect at all times. In fact, they demand it. Look closely, and make sure that you're not repeating a mistake. Is it a pattern of self-destruction? Take the steps to rectify the situation.

Tell me that's not eerie.

While serving in the House in the 1980s, Craig (who denied persistent gay sex rumors for 30 years) was pals with the nation's then biggest anti-gay congressman: Robert K. Dornan from Garden Grove.

Bob, any insight into this fella?


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