We're ready for our closeup, Mr. Murdoch, part 2

Ain't it weird how the world works? Other than perhaps Griley, no one this hermitted timepiece converses with at the Weekly actually watches Fox's The O.C. anymore. It just started getting too stupid--and not the good kinda stupid that kept us glued to our La-Z-Boys. (Or was that the persistent rectal leakage?) Anyway, we were right there with The O.C. in the first or second or whatever season it was when one character--forget her name now; the smart teenage chick who was/wasn't Caleb's daughter?--mentioned OC Weekly to Ryan, the Chino bad boy turned OC good boy. They even flashed a copy in that episode, the camera staying on our logo shorter than it did on Janet Jackson's boobage. That was later cited as grounds to kill our weekly, overwhelmingly unread The O.C. Watch column--because if The O.C. had lowered itself to trotting out OC Weekly, well, mister, the show had obviously humped the shark. Or is it jumped the snark? Whatever. As far as we, the now nonwatchers know, that was our last mention until last Thursday, when this happened (according to The O.C.'s website):

Sandy and Kirsten are dining out when Sandy spots Matt at the bar by himself. They're about to invite him over, when he's joined by a very attractive young woman. Kirsten recognizes her from a profile in the OC Weekly. Maya Griffin. Apparently she's an up-and-coming Newpsie. Well, if she is, she's got a lot to learn. Sandy tells Kirsten that Matt's using her to get to her father, who's the head of the board.

... So here's where the weird-working-world part comes in. No one here at the Weekly HQ and Pottery Barn (other than perhaps Griley) actually saw our seemingly second moment in the televised sun. We didn't find out until just a few minutes ago, when this dispatch came from Da Mutha-Ship in New York:

Subject: The OC Another nice plug for OC Weekly on last week's episode of The OC (finally caught up with my TiVo this weekend) Hope you are well.... -Jessica Bellucci Director of Public Relations The Village Voice 36 Cooper Square New York, NY 10003

So we here on the Left Coast did not know we should have TiVo'd this episode, so that our heads could expand ever larger, and would not have known had it not been for a Voicer cleaning out her record file. Strange, huh?

And yes, the Matt character is indeed named after Clockwork's alter-ego, the only staffer (other than perhaps Griley) intimate with the term Newpsie.


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