Went to a Freeway and a Skate Park Broke Out

Went to a Freeway and a Skate Park Broke Out

It's been said that skateboards should have an expiration date. (And this reporter has the scars to prove it.) But, for those of age to drive and still ride, and incident on the 405 freeway this morning shows why keeping a board in the trunk may not be a bad idea.

A fellow of unreported age ran out of gas Tuesday morning on the southbound 405 in Costa Mesa.

This soon produced the unsettling sight, at least in the view of many morning commuters: a guy on a skateboard, zooming alongside them on the shoulder, headed up an offramp.

The spectacle produced distressed calls to the California Highway Patrol, whose Denise Quesada tells the Associated Press that a couple of her fellow officers later greeted the skateboarder at his car.

Instead of a ticket, he was given enough gasoline to be on his way.

To the closest skateboard park, no doubt.

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