Welcome to The Hilarious Haters: MTV "The Real World" Edition

Remember that kid who was arrested March 3 after bringing a fake bomb to Huntington Beach High School?

The 16-year-old boy first tried to throw cops off by saying the device was a prop for a film he was shooting after school.

But a search of the juvenile's bedroom produced a cardboard box labeled "weapons" with several fireworks inside, and a computer that had accessed online instruction on how to make a homemade explosive device, police say.

Well, cruising past the Orange County Register website earlier this morning, a headline at the top of the home page stated, "Police: Student With Fake Bomb Had German Flag." A cruise past the same page an hour later showed the same story with a new headline: "Police: Student With Fake Bomb Had a Grenade."

An hour now, will it read, "Police: Student With Fake Bomb Had a Peanut Butter and Anthrax-Yellowcake-IED sandwich?"

Right now, the piece says the lad:

  • Had a German flag and hat, illegal fireworks, notebooks and papers with references to bombs, firecrackers, a grenade, and a fire bomb; and a stick grenade known as an "Inert German Potato Masher," according to the search warrant;
  • Has been suspended pending an expulsion hearing. Huntington Beach High had been closed March 3 to deal with the alleged threat;
  • Allegedly made threats and anti-Semitic remarks that prompted students to contact the Anti-Defamation League;
  • Allegedly imitated the Joker from Batman and talked of World War II, according to what parents told the Register.
  • Is being defended by his mother, who claims the real facts will set her son free.

An Inert German Potato Masher?


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