Shapiro: Weenie
Shapiro: Weenie

Weenie Breitbart Columnist: Media Not Reporting on Kelly Thomas Murder Because He's White

I remember weenie columnist Ben Shapiro when he was a precocious snotnose back at UCLA taking the Hugh Hewitt road to fame: whining he was a conservative in liberal-land, and thus getting a column in the local paper despite exhibiting little talent but a hell of a lot of weenie-ness. He's continued on that path, becoming a columnist and author appealing to the stupidest side of the conservative spectrum.

Want proof? Shapiro just post a column to Breitbart's Big Government with the headline "Police Beat White Homeless Man To Death, Media Ignores."

He then tries to mitigate his weenie-ness by writing, "The media attention surrounding Thomas' death has largely been local in nature; few national stories have focused on the beating. That's no doubt due to the fact that Thomas is white; were he black, the media certainly would have jumped on the racial angle."

Um, yeah...

In just the quickest, most cursory of Google searches, I found stories on the Thomas murder done today by CNN, all the network news channels, the Huffington Post, and the Associated Press; there has been previous coverage of the case in the New York Times and other national and international papers. As for the conservative press? FOX News ran a wire story; Breitbart hasn't published shit other than Shapiro's weenie screed. Rush Limbaugh? Nope. Michelle Malkin? No. RedState? National Review? Drudge Report? HA! Shit, even the hoity-toity New Yorker provided a link to the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the Thomas murder, and they think the world ends at 52nd Street.

But why bother Shapiro with facts, when his whites-are-victims-against-the-liberal-media drivel is so precious? Hey, Ben: the only people who agree with your ludicrous Thomas assertion on are neo-Nazi lunatics who, if they find out you're Jewish, just might renounce their views just so they don't agree with a Jew. Hey...maybe you are good for something! Weenie.

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