The state case against Jordan Bresyn was dismissed--so he can face federal charges.
The state case against Jordan Bresyn was dismissed--so he can face federal charges.
Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office

Weekender Updater: Accused Minor Sex Miner; Killer's Double Life; Obama Donor Fraud Case

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Story: Federal Grand Jury Indicts Man Cruising Online For Underage Sex Dates Update: As expected, charges in state court against Jordan Michael Bresyn were dismissed--clearing the way for the 23-year-old Buena Park man to face allegations in a federal indictment handed down earlier this month. As Mox reported at the time, the waiter--who is also known to spell his first name Jordon--is accused of trying to launch illegal sexual relationships with two girls (ages 13 and 14) he met online.

Story: Jose Feliz Zepeda, Drug Supplier Guilty of Meth Thief's Murder, Faces Double Life Term Update: The 41-year-old did get to two life-without-parole prison terms Friday for the 2012 Anaheim killing of a man that was carried out in retaliation for the victim's theft of nearly $25,000 worth of methamphetamine. Zepeda didn't pull the trigger but led the group of people who tracked down 29-year-old Leder Vazquez Sanchez and killed him about a half-mile from Disneyland. The suspected triggerman in the killing remains at large, according to prosecutors.

Story: Kareem Ahmed, Major Obama Donor Accused of Workers Comp Fraud, Assets Unfrozen, But ... -and- OC DA Goes Elliot Ness on 909, Raids IE Offices of Obama Donor and Former Lawyers for Costa Mesa PD Union Update: OK, this one is so confusion and involves so many players that you're just going to have to follow the above links for the full background. As for the latest news, the medical business owner (who we've outed as a donor to Obama and many worthy charities), Workers' Compensation doctors and pharmacists were scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning but it was continued to Sept. 12. Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals also denied a prosecution motion to suspend the licenses of the physicians and chiropractors accused in the workers' compensation insurance kickback scheme that is alleged to have defrauded insurance companies out of from $106 million to $214 million. (Numbers are hard.) Landmark Medical Management owner Kareem Ahmed is accused of masterminding the scheme to mass produce, distribute and prescribe an expensive, toxic medication in cream form. The 45-year-old Rancho Cucamonga resident, one of the doctors and one of the pharmacists are also charged with manslaughter after a baby boy died as a result of exposure to the cream. Goethals on Friday ordered Ahmed, who previously made his $5 million bail, to post an additional $5 million bond. If he is convicted, the bail money goes to a restitution fund along with his four homes and his business.

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