Wednesday's Headlines & Surprises: Safer Teen Sex in OC?

  • Lots of Unprotected Fornications in SD: The San Diego Union-Tribune reports this morning that youths ages 15 to 24 in our southern neighbor county had a whopping 85,000 cases of chlaymdia, gonorrhea and AIDS in 2005.

    How’s that rank?

    Well, according to the newspaper, researchers at the California Wellness Foundation found what they called “an oddity” while reviewing statewide STD activity: “Orange County, similar to San Diego County in population and many other demographics, reported 53,566 STD cases among young people, almost 32,000 fewer than in San Diego County.”

  • Sanchez Dynasty on the Tube: California’s Sanchez congressional sisters--Loretta and Linda--appeared on CNN last week to complain about the makeup of Congress. Loretta said Latinos comprise 18 percent of the population but only five percent of Congress. She blamed campaign funding woes, unhelpful party machines and “historical obstacles.” The ladies also noted they can’t live together while in DC (imagine that...) and could have opposing choices for president. Neither has sided with Bill Richardson, the only Latino in the race. Linda--the younger, more liberal sister--backs Sen. Christopher Dodd. Loretta only said she’s proud of the Democratic primary selection. Also: Next Wednesday at the DC Improv, Loretta is set to enter a joke competition against Republican Senator Arlen Specter and Republican strategist Grover Norquist. No joke.
  • What’s 5% of $300 million? The new Business Week has a profile of “uber agent” Scott D. Boras, the subject of a May OC Weekly coverstory by Jeffrey Anderson. The magazine calls the 54-year-old Newport Beach resident the “most successful agent in baseball and possibly the most powerful figure in the game.” How did he get here? According to Business Week:

    Boras grew up the son of a farmer south of Sacramento, Calif., and devoted to baseball. During his five-year career in the minor leagues, Boras studied the business of pharmaceuticals at the University of the Pacific, where he learned how to market new drugs and products by setting a speculative value--a skill perfectly suited for selling young baseball players who have never played in the big leagues. He followed that up with a law degree but quickly ended up back in baseball, negotiating minor league contracts for his former teammates. By 1980, he had decided his calling was as a baseball agent.

    There is speculation that Boras will soon nab a record new $300 million contract for Alex Rodriguez with the New York Yankess. His cut? Five percent.

  • Awards to our Pals: Congratulations to the travel section folks at the LA Times and the OC Register. They both recently won the Gold Award for Best Newspaper Travel Section in their circulation categories by judges from the University of Missiouri School of Journalism. Last year, OC Weekly won second place nationally for general excellence in the alternative newspaper category at the same contest.
  • OC Death in the Sierra foothills: Bartyn Pitts, a 39-year-old Dana Point man who struggled with illegal narcotics, became a statistic Monday as the first fatal shooting vicitm of a California game warden, reports MSNBC. In a remote area of the Sierra foothills east of Chico and north of Oroville, the officer wanted to cite Pitts for an illegal fire but discovered that Pitts--camping in a trailer--was also wanted in Hawaii for being a methampetamine dealer. The warden claims Pitts fired first with a shotgun and was killed by return fire. In 1997, Pitts pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance in Orange County and sentenced to obviously unsuccessful drug classes.
  • The Mexican To Speak: Mike Lawson at notes that our own Gustavo Arellano will be the keynote speaker at The 2nd Annual William Jefferson Clinton Awards set for November 6 at the Hacienda Restaurant in Santa Ana. According to Lawson, those to receive awards are ex-Senator Joe Dunn, Jeff LeTourneau and John A. Perez. For more information, contact: Jason Bensley at (714) 474-3234 or email to
  • And finally, NOOOOO! The top online “local news story” in the Register this morning: “Wayne Newton elimated from ‘Dancing with the Stars.’” Are they kidding?


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