Wednesday's Headlines & Surprises: My New Slogan For The Deputies!

  • Back the Badge, Support the Star, Empty your Wallet: Peggy Lowe at the Register watched “dozens of black-shirted deputies march through Civic Center Tuesday as the union went on a public offensive to rally support for their fight to preserve” an incredibly generous pay, perk and pension package. The message on the T-shirts worn by the deputies said, “Back the Badge, Support the Star.” Supervisor John Moorlach has put the boys in green into a tizzy because he thinks a 2001 pay deal the cop union won from his fellow Republican supervisors was a slimy, political move to placate a continually demanding bunch, a looming financial disaster for taxpayers and, yes, unconstitutional. In the past, supervisors have merely bent over and spread their cheeks the minute union leaders whined. But in Moorlach, the union faces a man who isn’t afraid to challenge conventional assumptions or dig into questionable union financial dealings. And he won't (at least so far) cave to threats--or even cute slogans. The deputies’ strong point is a good one: How can county officials renege on retirement plans relied upon especially by older officers? As usual, the deputies can’t figure out how to properly make their point, so they resort to aggression. It’s what they do best. On Monday, the deputies demonstrated their anger with Moorlach by refusing to transport inmates to the county’s numerous courthouses for trials. I doubt anyone--except inmates--really cared. Judges, who should have held the deputies in contempt of court, seemed to treat the day as a semi-vacation.
  • Asian Hotties Go To Jail: Two weeks ago, Irvine police began receiving complaints about the number of men pouring into a Villa Coronado apartment near Jamboree and the 405. Now KCBS-TV is reporting the arrest of three woman on felony pimping and prostitution charges: Kyung Ah Lee, 34; Hyun Jung Shin, 28; and Su Jin Park, 34.

    According to the report, the women used Craigslist to advertise their services. Men stopped leaving the apartment said they paid $160 for sex after reading the online ad which stated, “hottie Asian girls waiting for you . . . 1HR 160 roses for your good time . . . open 11 a.m. until 2 a.m.”

    District Attorney spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder added this tidbit: the ladies kept their condoms in a refrigerator container. How sadistic.

  • Like a Final Scene in Bonnie & Clyde: Santa Ana police “shot and killed the male driver of a sports utility vehicle at the conclusion of a 20-minute vehicle pursuit” near the Highway 55 and MacArthur Boulevard, reports Ryan Hammill. Cpl. Jose Gonzales told the Reg reporter that an earlier collision caused officers to open fire at the unnamed driver. Stephen Murray witnessed the mess. “About 12 police went toward the back of the Suburban shouting orders. After about a minute, they began shooting,” he told Hammill. About a minute? Must have been close to the afternoon shift breaktime. Money sentence in the story: Police refused to say whether the dead dude even had a gun or how many shots hit the man. The Reg also has a pic of the bullet-riddled SUV and a sheet-covered corpse.
  • Bootlicker is Back! Columnist Gordon Dillow quietly closed the door, lowered the shades and took a slow, appreciative whiff of the musky men’s locker room smell that permeates his Register office. He looked to make sure the door was locked and carefully--ever so carefully--retrieved one of his prized possessions from a secured box: an old Naval Academy yearbook loaded with pictures of athletic men in uniform. He studied the images and thoughts popped in his mind like: I bet his fella has a deep voice, big biceps and always votes Republican. It took everything in his power not to, well, you know. After about an hour, Dillow closed the book, closed his eyes and sighed. He’d once again found the inspiration for another gung-ho pro-soldier column.

    Yep, Gordo’s on a rampage because he thinks all Navy Seals were tainted when an alleged child molester in the news claimed he had been a Seal:

    It took just one two-minute phone call for me to determine that fugitive accused child molester Chester Stiles was never a Navy SEAL. So why did so many news organizations give the impression that he was? The answer, in my opinion, is simple: It's because some people are only too happy to portray American military men not as honorable warriors but as losers and thugs and criminals.

    Gordo, is there really a conspiracy of people portraying all American soldiers as “losers and thugs and criminals”? If so, show us. News reports said Stiles claimed to be a Seal. (He did, in fact, serve in the Navy.) I’m sure that if you claimed you are a journalist, some media outlets would carry that lie too.


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