Wednesday's Headlines & Surprises

  • Build It & Hope They Come: The Register reports that Irvine has approved a 5-mile, $280 million street car/bus plan that will link the future Great Park to the Irvine Spectrum and a train station by 2012. City officials, untrustworthy in the past, claim that each day 5,000 people will abandon their cars to use the system. Larry Agran's political machine asserts that the daily cost for taxpayers will be $19,000. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAny bets that number will significiantly rise when reality arrives?
  • Gunfight at the OC Spitzer Corral: Federal receiver Robert Sillen told a Sacramento crowd yesterday that Assembly Bill 900, California's current $7.9 billion plan to build 53,000 new prison and jail beds, is “problematic” and “a charade” by state politicians. Sillen is charged with improving what he sees as dismal medical conditions for prisoners. Todd Spitzer didn't appreciate the slap. The Republican OC state assemblyman, who told the Sacramento Bee that Sillen is “unaccountable,” wants a “showdown.”
  • Rump and Lamb Roast: On Tuesday, a jury finally convicted two local white supremacist gangsters of murdering a fellow hoodlum in 2002 and for the attempted murder of an Anaheim cop. Deliberations lasted nine days. Public Enemy Number One Death Squaders Jacob Rump, 30, and Michael Lamb, 32, accepted the verdicts with shrugs and smiles. That's okay. Prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh, who was brilliant in the case, had a bigger smile on his face. The punishment phase is next. Lamb could get the death penalty, and Rump faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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  • Does the Reg Think Its Readers are Morons? Register columnist Gordon Dillow stumbled onto what he must have thought was a fresh idea, and then dedicated today's piece to the point: Speeding isn't safe. In reference to the recent arrest of Al Gore's son on the I5, Dillow concluded, “Driving 100 mph on a public street or roadway . . . is by definition putting other people in danger.” Nice job, Gordo.
  • One difference between OC and China: Incompetence and sleaze are sometimes rewarded in OC government, but in China it could mean death. Zheng Xiaoyu, 62, the former head of that country's food and drug safety agency, was executed on Tuesday for taking bribes from pharmaceutical companies, the Times reports. Apparently, the commies have mobile execution vans for speedy killings. Why didn't Texas think of this first?
  • What Will She Wear? Candice Baker, a reporter with the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot, says her city's “inimitable enclave has had me perplexed” on dress code rules. Baker, who felt inappropriate once in a lavender chiffon cocktail gown at a city event, proposes three rules to end the madness.
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  • Tell it to the Supe: Janet Nguyen, Orange County's newest and youngest county supervisor, holds her first open house to meet folks who live in Garden Grove, Westminster, Santa Ana and Midway City. The event is from 3 to 6 p.m. today in Nguyen's fifth-floor office at 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, (714) 834-3110.


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