Wednesday's Headlines

  • City pays hookers: to leave. La Habra plans to buy itself a strip club, reports the LAT. After trying to shut down the Taboo Gentlemen's Club for almost a decade, they've decided to put $5.2 million down to get the guy in charge and his gals to 'git.
  • Boom Boom Room Doom? The co-owners of the iconic Laguna Beach gay bar tried everything to save it from being phased out by the new building owner. They asked George Clooney and Brad Pitt to intervene, they threw a pretty boy contest with minor celebs in attendance to drum up attention, even built a website dedicated to the cause. But no such luck. The Register reports that the Boom closes its doors just after Labor day.
  • Another sick animal story: After Long Beach residents whined that a nearby apartment reeked of pee, Animal Control officers busted in and found 72 cats - dozens sick and some dead. Some 52 have been euthanized so far.
  • Disney vs. housing update: Should cheap housing rise near the Magic Kingdom's precious resort? Voters get to decide next June. Watch out for Disney campaign commercials!
  • Today in Orange: Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson visits patients at the Children's Hospital of Orange County this afternoon.


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