Wednesday's Headlines

  • Tie the Knott: Talk about taking your metaphors seriously. Nicole Crabtree and Nathan Venderweit (right) had their wedding aboard a roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm. The Times has photos, but no story. The Reg carries the tale.
  • Sorry, guys: OC's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to start scaling back the pensions of sheriff's deputies. The whole affair has Sheriff Carona's manties in a knot, and he believes the supervisor leading the charge "has a personal vendetta."
  • No compromise in Disney housing battle: Cheap housing? Not in The Mouse's backyard. The Times and Register have updates on that scene.
  • Male virginity: Asset or liability? Folks weigh in at the Times' letters section.
  • Oh, brother: The top headline in today's Daily Pilot reads "Pig-racing brothers excite crowds."


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