Wednesday's Headlines

  • No more presents for Irvine Unified: Last year, an Irvine family alleged that they were forced to shower teachers with pricey gifts to ensure their autistic son would be cared for at school. Now, Irvine school officials are asking parents to send teachers letters of appreciation instead of presents.
  • Aw, rats: An 81-year-old Wilmington woman had her private menagerie of 120 rats, 25 rabbits, a dog, six parakeets, a quail and a cockatiel taken away from her by authorities Monday.
  • So much for 'traffic calming': The Costa Mesa City Council threw out an effort to put up traffic-calming guidelines in the city Tuesday, calling it a waste of time. (Aside: Er, Daily Pilot? How about telling us what the effort cost?)
  • Sorta on strike: Fed up with salary negotiations, hundreds of La Habra teachers are expected to stand in front of schools in the La Habra City School District this morning, carrying signs that say, "Not on strike YET.''
  • And now a word from the blogosphere: Over at the Metroblogging OC site, Gina criticizes the LA Times for not giving OC enough coverage and says the Register doesn't provide enough "thinking material."


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