Wednesday's Headlines

  • Rove's Tricked-Out Ride: Some folks at the White House apparently have a sense of humor. Karl Rove made the mistake of leaving his Jaguar on the private driveway next to the West Wing when he took off for Texas with le President. Now his car's covered in plastic wrap, post-it notes, stuffed animals and an "I love Obama" sticker. The area's heavily patrolled by the Secret Service, reports CBS, so the joke looks like an inside job.
  • Ex-quarterback in trouble: Former USC quarterback Todd Marinovich was arrested in Newport Beach Sunday after police allegedly found a gram of methamphetamine, a metal spoon and a hypodermic needle on his person.
  • Santa Ana school woes: Earlier in the year, the Los Angeles Times discovered that elementary schools in Santa Ana were improperly implementing class size reduction. That cost the Santa Ana Unified School District $2 million in state funds. Now the Times reports that an audit has found similar problems at the high school level. That'll be $90,000 back, please.
  • Garden Grove killings: Four teens (aged 14-18) were arrested in relation to Monday's double killing near a 22 Freeway pedestrian overpass. Everyone involved allegedly has a gang affiliation, according to the Garden Grove cops.
  • Crocs of war: Those plastic, rubbery Crocs are some of the ugliest shoes out there, but they're apparently pretty useful. The Style Scoop blogger was told that "nearly every soldier (in Iraq) had a pair of Crocs or were asking loved ones to send some back because they were practical for the showers and for walking around rocky terrain."


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