Wednesday's Haul

Who needs fiction when you have reality?

  • Dinner Escapes: Some Huntington Beach idiot stuck a knife through a Mallard - and the duck lived to tell the tale.
  • Return of the Deported: Four of 23 OC immigrant workers kicked out of the country earlier this year are back - and they want their money from the janitorial firm they used to work for. The four plan to join a lawsuit filed by others in Pennsylvania to demand that Rosenbaum-Cunningham International pay up.
  • More on Azia Kim: Yesterday, we noted that an OC teen managed to fool folks at Stanford into believing she was a student for eight ruddy months. Today, the Times adds that Kim also joined the Army ROTC program at nearby Santa Clara University. The Army's dismissing it as a harmless prank.
  • Nerd Alert: A Nietzsche-quoting kid at Anaheim's Esperanza High perfected the gruesome new SAT.
  • Today in court: Arraignment is set for Jessica Smith, who used to be on the MTV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She faces DUI charges.

Image: Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center via the OCR


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