We Defend Barbara Coe--Again!

Told you it wasn't the CCIR who sent out the letter telling Latinos immigrants can't vote. Turns out the California Attorney General's office fingered Tan Nguyen, who seemed like the ideal Republican congressional candidate--minority, immigrant-hating, and carpet-bagging. Jail time is rumored for the man, who was running against Loretta Sanchez but is now being urged by GOP head Scott Baugh to step down.

But we digress. 'Member how an alphabet soup of Latino organizations wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez demanding that he investigate the California Coalition for Immigration Reform as the letter's author? This despite the fact that, while the infamous letter bore a fake CCIR letterhead, it was obviously a fraud? The groups will protest that their suspicion of CCIR was legitimate because Barbara Coe's minions have a previous history of yammering about illegals, but that's the same logic the federal government uses when pulling Muslim aunties aside at the airport. So how 'bout it, Raza crowd? Are you going to apologize to Ms. Coe? Or at least pick up her legal bill as suggested by the OC Blog boyos? (sorry, boyos: you'll always be OC Blog to us, just like the Angels will forever be Anaheim, not Los Angeles)

And lest readers think I've gone Glenn Spencer all of a sudden with my defense of Coe, hear my skewering of Coe & Co. on this past Wednesday's edition of Patt the Hat Morrison's show on KPCC-FM 89.3. Best part: when Babs and I reminisced about her last SanTana appearance!


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