Wax On, Wax Off: "You Scratched My Anchor!"

Wax On, Wax Off: "You Scratched My Anchor!"

Mitch Abshire's latest project, a surf flick called You Scratched My Anchor! premiered at RVCA's headquarters in Costa Mesa on July 22. A few hundred surfers, skaters and art types showed up to drink beer and eat veggie burgers from the grill and listen to the haunted mansion rock sounds of the Drowning Men, who set up their gear in an empty loading dock. 

The film has a certain prankster, tongue-in-cheek quality that makes it different from other vids you've seen this year. It's got everything you don't see enough of in surf flicks--strange fragments of narrative, voiceovers from Big Wednesday, and longboarding longboarding longboarding. The seemingly salt-crusted stars of the film can be seen acting out weird scene fragments, driving vintage cars, and perhaps most importantly, catching some epic rides on an old Hawaiian style plank board that looks like half of a tree trunk. 

The film's list of stars includes a handful of locals and some big names: Alex Knost, Rat Boy, Scotty Stopnik, Tyler Warren, and more. Sponsored by both RVCA and Vans, it's sure to make waves in the scene with its offbeat, slightly twisted sense of humor and its rocking old-school footage. For more info, check out the trailer here.

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