Wax On, Wax Off: Snow from the Storms

Wax On, Wax Off: Snow from the Storms
Flickr user Rambaral

Flickr user Rambaral

Our attention has mostly been turned to the coast throughout the big storms of the past week. With a huge, nicely shaped swell and a tragic death in our local waters, all eyes have been focused seaward. But if you've glanced toward the North East, it's impossible to overlook the massive dump of snow that has blanketed our local mountains. All roads in and out of

Big Bear

were shut down.

Mount Baldy

, which is usually starved for snow, had a ticket line a half a mile down the mountain. Anyone who drove to work in Southern California on one of these clean-aired mornings after the rains was probably dazzled by the sight of glistening, craggy white peaks.

Today at Big Bear, all the roads are open again, and chain requirements have been lifted. Temperatures well below freezing are expected, and there's 4-6 feet of snow, including new snow as recently as last night. Mountain High reports similar conditions, with 5 feet of new snow from the storms. Baldy reports fresh snow as of late Tuesday night, and also has all lifts open and a solid 5 foot base.

We can expect sunny weather this weekend, and probably some of the biggest crowds of the year. It might just be the peak of the snow season for us...

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