Watching the Detective

Spot The Gas Leak R. Scott Moxley on Tony Rackauckas' oily year. Toxic Politics
For 20 years, at scores of gas stations all over Orange County, MTBE has literally poured into the soil, endangering the county's drinking water. Investigative reporter R. Scott Moxley shows how District Attorney Tony Rackauckas tried to use the environmental disaster to head-off an investigation into his controversial reign as Orange County's top law-enforcement officer—risking the health of the people who put him in office. PLUS: A Weekly Web Exclusive
R. Scott Moxley on the ARCO settlement. R. Scott Moxley and Anthony Pignataro analyze the official response to the grand jury's devastating report on corruption in the DA's office. Bada Bing!
Attorney General auditing Orange County DA's questionable use of witness-protection funds. Moxley and Anthony Pignataro find a witness the OC grand jury could not: Deputy DA Susan Schroeder.

Tony Baloney Two weeks ago, he was oddly the harshest critic of local justice. Meet the new Tony Rackauckas

DA Puts 'Pub' Back in Public Funds!
'Slosh fund' revelation helps fuel mass exodus of veteran investigators

Tori! Tori! Tori!
The DA's kamikaze PR flack earns grand jury shelling

Missing Wives, Lousy Lies & Mob Ties
Exhaustive grand-jury investigation confirms DA corruption

DA's Wife Missing!
May just be home

Our DA Now Has an Attorney

Keep Your Enemies Closer
How DeWayne McKinney, a former inmate, fixed the DA's race

Our District Attorney Needs an Attorney
Rackauckas may beat Wade on March 5, but can he beat the rap?

Miracle on Civic Center Drive
How the DA turned a quiet act of forgiveness into a high-profile endorsement

Is the DA trying to befriend the man charged with investigation his friendships?

Little Big Saigon
The DA's outreach has done more to embitter Vietnamese civic leaders than seduce them

Control Freak
DA report alleges ambassador-designee Argyros paid bonuses to employees who ripped off tenants

Thoroughness or Foot-Dragging
DA takes slow road in Garofalo probe

Vote for Me, the SOB!
Son of Bill (Steiner) tries to follow in Daddy's footsteps

The 'Just Us' System
DA investigator Steve Douglass tells how his boss derailed consumer-fraud charges against the county's most powerful Republican

The DA's Friend
Rackauckas' troubles started with a struggling film company, an extortion threat and a plea for help

Who the Hell's in Charge?
District attorney Tony Rackauckas says his organized-crime agents are out of control. His agents say he's hanging out with a mobster

31 Scariest People in OC
1. DA Anthony Rackauckas

Third Strike
It's time to dump a DA who has broken faith with the public in at least three crucial cases

Shantae Molina is Innocent
Now we begin the search for the guilty

Nothin' to See Here, Folks!
The DA's Garofalo probe is troubled by a campaign promise to curb political investigations

'I...Shot My Son'
Everyone Agrees that Shantae Molina killed her baby. The only question is: Was it murder?

Good News: You're Unlikely to Die in a Bloody Rampage!
The Reg says chill, the DA says kill

The Computer Wore Colors
How a software glitch produced the DA's gang problem

Video embarrasses DA, Newport cops

Off Tran's Case
Republican DA plays partisan politics in Little Saigon


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