That's frightening
That's frightening

Watch These Videos From Yesterday's Emergency Landing at Long Beach Airport

So yesterday mornin,g a JetBlue flight headed from Long Beach to Austin had to turn around shortly after take off when one of its engines blew out, filling the cabin with smoke.

The flight crew successfully made an emergency landing, and all 142 passengers and five crew members made it off the plane without any major injuries. Now, thanks to the power of technology, you can all see what it was like on the airplane during the emergency landing by watching the two videos after the jump.

The first video was taken shortly after the blow out while the plane was still over the ocean:

And the second video takes place during the emergency landing, finishing right as passengers began to evacuate:

That's crazy, but I'm happy to know that the flight attendants are so calm under pressure (The masks didn't automatically deploy because they're set off by air pressure. An attendant had to deploy them manually. Also, did you see that guy just walking around?)

And what kind of person pulls out a phone when something like this is happening? Well, if I found myself strapped to a chair in a cabin full of smoke without the ability to really do anything, I'd probably pull out my phone too...if only to send a few good bye tweets.

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