Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas awaits his stick fitting.
Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas awaits his stick fitting.
R. Scott Moxley

Washington Post Recognizes Orange County Snitch Scandal and the Moxley Exposing It

If you people in Orange County reading this were truly paying attention, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas would be, at best, indicted and, at worst, have his severed head on the end of a stick being paraded down Main Street Disneyland.

Fortunately, the Washington Post IS paying attention.

Or, at least, criminal justice blogger Radley Balko has been paying attention to "The jaw-dropping police/prosecutor scandal in Orange County, Calif."

That would be the snitch scandal our R. Scott Moxley has been covering like a wet blanket as prosecutors were allowing accused felons to go free rather than reveal potentially exculpatory information about how they use jailhouse informants.

Balko nearly reprints all of Moxley's reportage in his latest dispatch before decreeing, "This isn't a case of a few bad actors. This is systematic corruption involving dozens of police officers and prosecutors that went on for well over two decades. At a minimum, there should be mass firings of cops and disbarments of prosecutors, past and present. A system that still retained some integrity would also have the worst offenders in handcuffs."

Obviously, this cat does not reside in the County or Orange nor know how anyone overseeing the DA's office takes a blind eyedropper to anything but the book being thrown at criminal defendants. But Balko does know who deserves credit for bringing the officially sanctioned sliminess to light.

"The scandal in Orange County is only a scandal thanks to the work of a brave public defender named Scott Sanders and some dogged reporting by local journalists."

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