Crouch: Flipping the bird all the way from hell
Crouch: Flipping the bird all the way from hell
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Was TBN's Paul Crouch a Gun-Running, Money-Laundering, Mob-Loving Preacher Man? FBI Files Say "Maybe"

Any semi-sober journalist knows better than to drop a bombshell of a story on the week just before Labor Day, so it was surprising to see declassified FBI documents emerge last week on the late Trinity Broadcasting Network shyster Paul Crouch.

The documents showed that the feds investigated Crouch for suspicious messages he or his associates at TBN placed to a roll call of 1980s boogeymen: the PLO, the New York mob, the Italian mob, East German spies, even Hungarians. But wait, there's more!

You can see the documents here, with the documents noting that investigations against Crouch were dropped once they "determined he was a religious leader," according to the fine folks who got the docs via FOIA.

In fairness to Crouch, the FBI will take calls and tips from any lunatics (heaven knows what my file has...). Besides, none of the alleged ties documented in the FBI files were as offensive as Crouch's prosperity gospel, or him trying to cover up an alleged gay tryst...

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