Was Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Drunk During CNN Appearance On Government Shutdown?

80 proof before noon?
80 proof before noon?

A paranoid Dana Rohrabacher insists that I want him defeated from his comfortable congressional perch, but the truth is that every Christmas I beg Santa for the gift that keeps on giving: the congressman's re-election.

An inadvertent clown of epic proportions, the Costa Mesa Republican continually provides easy newspaper fodder with mind-numbing, hypocritical rants often fueled by liberal tequila consumption.

With that fact in mind, consider a question asked earlier this month at Wonkette.com by ex-Weekling Rebecca Schoenkopf (a.k.a. Commie Girl): "On Scale of One to Dana Rohrabacher, How Drunk is Dana Rohrabacher in This Video?"

Schoenkopf's post points to Rohrabacher's live appearance on CNN to discuss the then-looming federal government shutdown.

The usually scowling congressman is giddy, his eyes are watery and he seems to think everything is funny--like Otis on Mayberry RFD.

Note in the upper right corner of the screen the time of Rohrabacher's apparent intoxication: 11:22 a.m.

Does Congressman Rohrabacher have a substance abuse problem?
Does Congressman Rohrabacher have a substance abuse problem?

Go HERE to read Schoenkopf's post and see the CNN video.

Liquid breakfast, Dana?

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