Warren Ain't no Schuller

The eyes of America fall upon Saddleback Church tomorrow, where recent Time cover boy Rick Warren plays Tim Russert while he interviews presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama. There is a lot of grousing amongst people for the outlandish admission fees Warren is charging, monies he claims will go to one of his many charitable (read: evangelizing) efforts. Which reminds us: why can't Warren be more like the Crystal Cathedral's Robert Schuller in this regard?

Schuller, of course, revolutionized American Christianity by creating the drive-in church, the precursor to the mega-churches of today. "Come as you are in the family car!" was his legendary invitation, and can't you see Schuller's massive grin and glasses beam while saying that? He's had many world leaders speak to Crystal Cathedral faithful over the decades, and I do believe all of these lectures were gratis. The man of God wasn't above charging people of course--indeed, Warren got his start after attending one of Schuller's many workshops--but it's one thing to charge people for schooling, another for the chance to here a public dignitary. Keep this in mind, Saddleback Churchers, next time you praise your God boy.


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