Wanted: Videos Aimed at Sinking the Breakwater

Surf's up in Long Beach in the 1920s, before that blasted Breakwater.
Surf's up in Long Beach in the 1920s, before that blasted Breakwater.
Courtesy of Surfrider Foundation's Long Beach Chapter

Surfrider Foundation has for years been trying to "sink the Breakwater," that World War II-era, jetty-like, 2.5-mile-long contraption that was installed off the Long Beach shore to calm harbor waters but in the process kill ride-able waves.

Shame, meetings, protests, education and cool t-shirts and posters have been employed in the past.

The latest weapon: video cameras.

Wanted: Videos Aimed at Sinking the Breakwater

The "Sink the Breakwater Film Contest" invites budding Fellinis to submit one-minute public service announcements or 3- to 10-minute short films--on video--that "promote a vision of Sinking the Breakwater and returning waves and a healthy beach to the shores of Long Beach."

This can be done through comedy, seriousness or irreverence. Fictional pieces or documentaries are fine as long as they present "an engaging, entertaining, and informative message on why the Breakwater should be removed and waves restored to the Long Beach shores."

Submissions are being accepted May 1-31. A panel of judges will determine the finalists and the winners based on the creativity of the video, the originality of the sentiment and its connection to bringing back the waves.

The winning short entry will be awarded $1,000 and the second-place finisher gets $500. The winning PSA-style videomaker receives $500.

The results will be announced and finalists' videos will be shown at the Art Theater in Long Beach on June 19 as part of the International Surfing Day celebration. After that, the videos will be posted on YouTube and promoted through Surfrider's Long Beach chapter website.

More information: lbsurfrider.org/contest/index.html

Wanted: Videos Aimed at Sinking the Breakwater

From video awareness, we go to audio awesomeness: Millikan Senior High students present a benefit concert Friday night for Surfrider featuring Crystal Antlers, Moses Campbell, Khan and, during changeover sets, Nightfilter. Doors open at 7 p.m. at Grace First Presbyterian Church, 3955 Studebaker, Long Beach. Tickets are $5-$7.

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