Either an evil crew in "Spaceballs" or Black and Decker corporate dickwads.
Either an evil crew in "Spaceballs" or Black and Decker corporate dickwads.

Wanted: Spaceballs Fans to Find the Mystery Obscenity

William Medina, 25, believes he got sacked from a Black and Decker warehouse job in Rialto because the company brass misinterpreted a 14-word message he posted on Twitter. He

explained to the San Bernardino Sun that he recently moved with his stepson and pregnant wife from Colton, which is the dustbowl right next to the dustbowl of Rialto, 115 miles away to Ventura. During a recent Saturday shift, he was told he was needed for two hours, which pissed him off mightily given the commute he'd just made. So he did what any rational person would do: he walked into a restroom just after 8 a.m. and used his cell phone to post onto Twitter, "im [sic] mad at black and decker."

However, Medina thinks it was a follow-up, mysterious obscenity culled from Mel Brooks' mildly amusing 1987 movie Spaceballs that company officials misconstrued as a disparaging remark toward the company and his co-workers. He was sent to the human resources department, shown a printout of the comment, asked to turn in his company identification badge and escorted from the building. He says he was told he was suspended pending investigation, but he later discovered his company account was deactivated, which essentially means he was fired.

This obviously raises a huge question. No, not "How did Black and Decker see the Twitter post?" Nor is it, "Who the hell moves to Ventura when they have a job in Rialto?" Not even, "They know how to read newspapers in San Bernardino?" No, nicht, nein! The international moment of mystery here is: "Which 14-word Spaceballs' obscenity?"

A search of various sites with Spaceballs' lines produced no 14-word, obscenity-filled zingers. These eight below are the closest I could find to possibly being misinterpreted, although they read pretty tame to me.

1) I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes!

2) Horse-faced space dogs!

3) Out of order? Fuck! Even in the future nothing works!

4) Commence operation Vacu-Suck!

5) Get out of my escape pod you bearded bitch!

6) Prepare for Metamorphosis, are you ready Kafka?

7) She's gone from suck to blow!!

8) Now you will see that evil will triumph, because good is dumb.

Anyone out there have any others they suspect may have set off the Blackened Deckers?


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