Wanted: First-Time Buyers of New Logan Homes

Who says no one is buying or selling new houses? Arkbuild--a collaboration between Santa Ana's Taller San Jose community organization and the Orange County Community Housing Corporation's Stepping Up program--is looking for low-income residents interested in becoming first-time homebuyers of three new homes in the historic Logan neighborhood.

Arkbuild--whose mission is to build homes for low income first time homebuyers, teach young people about careers in the building trades, provide tutors to students from extremely low income families and stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods with ownership housing--is encouraging those who qualify to enter a lottery for the new three- and four-bedroom homes that are expected to be completed by Sept. 12.
Here's the nitty-gritty:

-All prospective buyers need to complete the self certification and lottery application and study the homebuyers lessons at KeysToMyHome.org. Print any forms, fill them out and bring them with you to . . .

-Mandatory workshops at 6 p.m. Thursday or 10 a.m. Saturday in the Taller San Jose classrooms at 810 N. Poinsettia, Santa Ana.

-The lottery is 10 a.m. Saturday, July 11, at 1006 N. Logan, Santa Ana. The first 10 names drawn will submit their forms and documents by Wednesday, July 15. There will actually be two lottery drawings. Those who have certified that they live or work in Santa Ana will be in one drum and all other applicantss will be in a second drum. If 20 qualified buyers are pulled from the first drum, there will be no drawing from the second one.

-The Neighborhood Housing Service Orange County will work to qualify buyers in the order drawn. The first three "qualified" lottery winners will enter escrow to purchase the homes.  Should there be a problem with any of those buyers qualifying, the next lottery winner in line will be qualified.

-Escrows will close on Friday, Sept. 11.

-Move in is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 12.

-The program helps more than the qualifying buyers. Taller San Jose students will build the structures under the supervision of seasoned general contractors and teachers. They will earn as they learn and most will graduate to jobs in the building trades. Funds earned from the project help continues and expand Taller San Jose educational programs and help the Orange County Community Housing Corporation pay tutors to work in the homes of extremely low income families.

Visit Taller San Jose or Orange County Community Housing Corporation for more information on the respective organizations.


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