Want to Get Away, Really Get Away? Come to Israel

Want to Get Away, Really Get Away? Come to Israel



According to Travel Mole, "the online community for the travel and tourism industry," visiting Israel is at an all-time high amid the bombs raining down courtesy of the Hamas theme park:

Despite the Strife, Tourism in Israel is at an all Time High

Perhaps it's the 60th anniversary as more visitors came to Israel in 2008 than in any year since the independent State of Israel was founded in 1948. "This is the first time ever more than 3 million tourists came to Israel in a single year," says Arie Sommer, Israel's Tourism Commissioner for North and South America, "and this underscores Israel's attractiveness to travelers of all nationalities, faiths, ethnic backgrounds and interests."

Travel Mole identifies the top-draw countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and France.

Over the weekend, a feller on the teevee mentioned that Rwanda is now a happening travel destination. Because nothing screams family fun like a land recently wracked by genocide. Hell, why not add Sadr City and Kabul to the itinerary?

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