Walt Disney: Rules are rules, baby!
Walt Disney: Rules are rules, baby!

Walt Disney Company Wins Employment Disability Lawsuit Filed in Orange County

Walt Disney Company officials fired employee Garrick Pietro for three times failing to alert them in advance that he wasn't going to work before his 5 a.m. shifts in 2008.

Though prior notice was clearly required by company rules--rules that also state three violations would result in termination, Pietro sued Disney for disability discrimination in the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Orange County.

According to Pietro, he was targeted by callous company officials because his failure to obey policy hinged on him being diagnosed with the beginning stages of prostate cancer.

Disney officials should have been more accommodating to his conduct given his health issues, Pietro argued in his lawsuit.

But this month, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter, a President Bill Clinton appointee, granted summary judgement for Disney by noting in key part that the prostate cancer hadn't reasonably prevented Pietro from obeying the rules by calling his shift manager in advance of skipping work.

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