Walt Disney Company Grants the Right to Bare Arms: Sleeveless Tops!

The Walt Disney Company has always been notorious for their employee guidelines: Issuing just how warm it has to be before they can drink water or eat ice cubes while working theme parks; how to point directions out for visitors; and, of course, how to dress.

It's been 10 years since Disney last significantly relaxed its dress code for employees (sanctioning mustaches--on male employees, that is). And just in time for the apex of summer heat, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Walt Disney Company has finally decided that female employees do not need to wear pantyhose with skirts. 

In addition, women will now also be permitted to wear sleeveless tops--as long as the straps are at least three-inches wide. Capri-style, cropped pants and sling-back footwear with open toes are now also allowed.

As for the men, they can now wear their shirts untucked.

These changes, as you can probably guess, will mostly apply to all Cast Members who work behind-the-scenes in offices.

No word yet on whether or not they're finally going to get Donald to put on some pants.


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