Wally Wipeouts!

The call for fans to bring forth their own Wally George archives continues to be heeded, this time by an enterprising YouTube user named Billybopper1, who has compiled thirteen montages of Wally getting prank calls live on the air. Long before Howard Stern's penis and Baba Booey became call-in catchphrases, the best recurring phone pranks involved Wally's impotence.

It isn't clear whether Wally simply couldn't afford a call screener or didn't want one -- it's evident watching these highlights that he realized on some level it made for entertaining TV. Though it's also clear that he wasn't always on the ball -- the same group of jokesters would regularly call in using names like "Norm Peterson," "Cliff Clavin," "Frasier Crane," "Robert Plant," and "John Paul Jones," which any other host might have recognized immediately as fakes. But not our Mr. America.

Check out Volume 9 below. Then hit up YouTube for all the rest.


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