Wake Up and Suck the Orange 2.1.08

Rabbits rabbits, y'all. Rabbits to the motha-effin' rabbits. Happy February. Don't forget there's 29 days in this one. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: LA Times - Who knew it took dozens of officers and over $25,000 taxpayer dollars just to send one girl to the mental hospital? Wait, she's not a girl. No, she's more than a girl ... not yet a woman. Or was that back then, and now she's a woman? Either way, she's not that innocent. Did you know LA cops similarly abduct 20 to 25 people a day? Minus the gross abuse of police resources, of course. Thanks for the coverage of crucial world issues, Times. HOBO BANDIT CAPTURED ON CANVAS: OC Register - A local bank teller, Nicholas Wildermuth, painted a picture of the Hobo Bandit which will be displayed in the Hive Gallery in LA. The Reg calls it "Van Gogh-esque." Does that mean they're liable if Wildermuth mails his ear to an ex?

BUT NEITHER OF THEM ARE CHICKEN: OC Register - Report says the two Cessnas that crashed over Corona didn't try any evasive tactics, flying straight toward each other for five seconds or so. The crash claimed two Orange County men, Brandon William Johnson, 24, of Costa Mesa and Anthony Joel Guzman, 20, of Yorba Linda.


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