Waiving Scott Kazmir Thins Angels Thin Pitching Staff

Even during the magical 2002 World Series year, the knock against the Angels was they lacked that one powerful bat.

Defense--check. Intangibles--check. Pitching--double check.

Yesterday's waiving of once-projected ace Scott Kazmir is just more evidence that last category is no longer a lock.

With confirmed ace Jared Weaver heading into free agency and No. 2 starter Dan Haren battling back spasms, heightened expectations and a knack for being trade bait (Cleveland may be sizing him for a uniform this season), consistent pitching suddenly seems to have joined another big bat as a pressing need for the now-mediocre LAofA squad.

Complicating doing something about that: the stack of Arte Moreno's fortune it will take to keep Weave and the $9.5 million they owe now-cut Kazmir through 2012.

Then there's the prospect of packaging prospects like pitchers Trevor Reckling and Tyler Skaggs in a trade for more offensive firepower to chase the pennant this year.

Thus, GM Tony Reagins finds himself in that unenviable position of having to pull a miracle out of his ass now or re-tool for the future.


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