Wait, There's An Election Today?

Yes, there is. Click here to find your nearest polling place.

Voting starts in an hour. Well, in-person voting that is. Nearly a quarter-million OC residents have already voted by mail.

There are essentially two perspectives when it comes to this special election:

1. Vote "no" across the board. The six ballot measures are deliberately confusing Hail Mary attempts thrown by the State Legislature to surreptitiously authorize more taxes, more borrowing, and the circumvention of measures that voters have previously mandated. Also, John and Ken told me to vote no.

2. Vote "yes" across the board. Our state's in big financial trouble. Lawmakers already have authorized a number of deep cuts in government programs, law enforcement and school budgets, but they'll be forced to trim a lot more if voters don't approve this package. Gov. Arnold has been running around warning that he'd have to release prisoners and sell the OC Fairgrounds to meet the budget shortfall if the people of Kaleefawnia say "no" to the proposals.

Most spectators believe option #1 is gonna trump option #2. Most regular citizens, on the other hand, have no idea any of this is happening.


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