Wacky OC History Moment of the Week!

In anticipation of the Barrio History Symposium held this Saturday morning at Golden West College by the Orange County Mexican American Historical Society (I'll lecture on the 1936 Citrus War), here's a blast from the county's Mexican-hating past. From the Sept. 6, 1918 Los Angeles Times:

Ask a Mexican to work, and if he refuses, arrest him. That sentiment, promulgated by [Orange County] Dist.-Atty. L.A. West and Sheriff C.E. Jackson, has been O.K'd by a labor investigating committee of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce also proposed this be a statewide measure, but haven't done the research yet to see if this idea went anywhere--oh, wait, cheap Mexican labor has been the state's main engine since time immemorial...

And now, the Simpsons in Spanish!


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