[W/VIDEO] 250 Protestors Gather Outside Gates of Irvine's Shady Canyon Neighborhood to Mess With GOP Fundraiser

Conservative activist and friend of the show Allan Bartlett was in Irvine yesterday when he noticed a group of protestors just outside the gates of the city's exclusive Shady Canyon neighborhood. Bartlett being Bartlett, he filmed the protestors, called them a bunch of losers--but was really polite about it.

It was a rally organized by a group called Moms Demand Action, and its OC contingent brought out 250 folks to boring-ass Irvine--GREAT job! And the reason they picked Shady Canyon was because House Speaker/supreme gasbag John Boehner was at the Shady Canyon home of Congressman/supremer gasbag John Campbell for a fundraiser--GREATER job!

Anyhoo, here's Bartlett's video, and we'll put up video from the Moms' side once it's up. And advice to Allan--next time you do running commentary, be funnier. Don't be Matt Cunningham-esque in your weenieness, you know?


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