Voter Registration Deadline Puts Smiles on Some Faces

If you want to vote in this historic election and haven't registered, the deadline is tonight.

If you don't get the registration in today's mail (it must have today's postmark on it), you can drop off the form at the parking lot for Orange County Registrar of Voters until midnight.

The registrar's office is located at 1300 S. Grand Avenue, at the corner of Grand and McFadden in Santa Ana—not far from the 55 and 5 interchange.

During a mid-morning trip to the registrar's office today, I was impressed by the number of folks who'd lined up to register: lots of smiling, young Asians and Latinos mixed with cranky, dour-faced middle-aged Caucasians.

Could this be the first election when young voters get off their collective booties and finally have an impact?

-- R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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