Vote for Man-Faye!

The OC Register's contest to determine the new host of their online feature "The Juice" has been narrowed down to ten contestants, and they're asking for your vote.

Most of the potential hosts look fairly generic, but one of them, as it turns out, has quite the colorful reputation, and we wonder if the Reg even bothered to check. Damen Royce is better known in pop culture circles as Man-Faye, a guy who goes to anime conventions dressed as the scantily clad female bounty hunter Faye Valentine from COWBOY BEBOP. He's been banned from Anime Expo, accused of indecent exposure due to the skimpiness of his costume, and become a poster boy for otaku cross-dressers, claiming that women who wear equivalent outfits never get hassled over them.

All of which makes him far more interesting than anyone currently working for the Reg. So I'd like to urge all our readers to go VOTE FOR MAN-FAYE, a.k.a. Damen. His audition tape is a little blah, but we're fairly certain he'll cut loose a bit more if they actually sign him up.

(Thanks to our friend David N. Scott at Pererro for the heads-up)


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