Simmons: Lacking effective management skills
Simmons: Lacking effective management skills

Violent Pimp From Santa Ana's Harbor Boulevard Loses Appeal

In April 2010, convicted felon Patrick Leo Simmons Jr. was driving around San Jose in his green Camaro when he met a prostitute, made himself her pimp and the next day relocated her to Santa Ana's notorious Harbor Boulevard.

Part of Simmons' business plan included advertising the woman's services as "Ashley" on Internet websites including in Village Voice Media's adult section, Backpage*. 

He rented a room at a nearby Travelodge motel and collected all of Ashley's money after each encounter.

But being a pimp, Simmons--who goes by the nickname "Kash"--wasn't content just to make money. He also had to show Ashley who was boss. He began physically assaulting her, according to law enforcement records.

She told one of her customers about the violence and that Simmons had refused to let her return to San Jose, where she had a young son. That customer contacted police.

Orange County prosecutors won 2010 convictions for pimping and pandering as well as battery. Though the defendant's family pleaded for mercy because he'd been abused by his father as a child, Superior Court Judge Patrick Donahue sentenced him to prison.

Simmons appealed, claiming that his public defender was "Satan" and had leaked information to the government.

This month, a California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana considered his complaints and rejected them.

Upshot: The 29-year-old will continue to serve his six-year prison sentence at California State Prison at Solano, a medium security facility.

(*Village Voice Media is the parent company to OC Weekly; company officials cooperated with the law enforcement investigation of the case.)

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