Blackmore: Women find me irresistible
Blackmore: Women find me irresistible

Violent Orange County Rapist Feels Cheated

Sitting in his Southern California prison cell, Ray Michael Blackmore--a sexually violent offender--is steaming because he believes the judges and lawyers tied to his last series of convictions in 2010--the ones that left him with a severe punishment--cheated.

Blackmore, who wants his sentence reduced, is an expert on bad conduct.

In 1984, he beat and attempted to rape a 16-year-old girl during a residential burglary.

Four years later--after he emerged from prison, he picked up a prostitute using crutches, took her to a motel room, applied intense pressure on her broken ankle to force her to forgo the $100 payment, and then raped and sodomized her.

In 1989, he exposed his penis to an eight-year-old girl and attempted to lure the child into his truck, a stunt that earned him a seven-year sentence.

It appears that prison didn't reform this fellow.

In the his last case inside Orange County Superior Court, an intoxicated Blackmore repeatedly beat and raped an old girlfriend in 2006, and sexually molested that woman's minor daughter.

[His defense: The victim--who'd escaped naked and pummeled into her backyard to scream for help--loved to be tied up, brutalized and wanted to sexually exhaust him because she didn't want him to see other women.]

With five convictions under his belt, he won our "Citizen of the Week!" honors in June 2012.

Violent Orange County Rapist Feels Cheated

State appellate justices refused to accept his complaints about the fairness of his trial and so in December 2013 he took his case to federal court. There, he said Superior Court Judge Gary S. Paer botched a key ruling favoring the government; that his prosecutor forum shopped; and his own defense lawyer provided incompetent services by not protesting vigorously enough to the aforementioned allegations.

This month, U.S. District Court Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank issued a final judgment against Blackmore's appeal after concluding none of his arguments had merit.

Upshot: The 48-year-old rapist will continue to serve his 50 years to life punishment inside the Richard J. Donovan "Correctional" Facility in San Diego.

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