Get this thru your thick skulls: This Ho ain't related to the other one
Get this thru your thick skulls: This Ho ain't related to the other one

Vietnamese Singer Forced To Defend Himself As Anti-Communist

One of the amusing aspects of covering Little Saigon politics is watching the world class mental gymnastics performed by the mostly elderly folks determined to spend their lives fighting the Vietnam War into perpetuity.

It's no exaggeration to note that they see Ho Chi Minh's spirit, dead 40 years, nefariously conspiring against them in present day news stories, art works, clothing articles and in music concerts. Last year, these people even organized daily protests against Nguoi Viet, the obviously pro-capitalism Vietnamese daily newspaper. They claimed with all the sincerity they could muster that the paper is a communist tool working on secret instructions from Hanoi.

But the most absurd attacks are usually saved for Vietnamese American singers. Though these performers have zero interest in politics or political theory or a lost war or Ho Chi Minh, the anti-communist crowd in Little Saigon selectively targets certain singers by labeling them "communist."

The thought process to arrive at that conclusion is often indecipherable, though it's apparently enough to fuel bizarrely vicious protests at music concerts around Orange County.

Our friend Hao Nhien-Vu over at now reports that the anti-commie crowd is targeting legendary Little Saigon singer Don Ho because--you can't make this stuff up--yellow stars appear on a poster announcing a Ho-lead concert at an Atlantic City casino.


Put your thinking caps on: The yellow star symbolizes communist forces that invaded Saigon in April 1975. Ho's poster in 2009 has yellow stars, the kind you see everywhere in commercial USA. Ready? Ready?


Do Ho must be a communist!

Poor guy.

According to, the singer avoided becoming a protest target by writing an open apology for the poster to Vietnamese Americans living in the northeast U.S.

Go HERE to see Ho's concert poster.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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