[VIDEO:] Vegan Zombies Help Filipino Chamber Promote Green Fair (Just Go With It)

[VIDEO:] Vegan Zombies Help Filipino Chamber Promote Green Fair (Just Go With It)

The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow to their full potentials, and one way they will do that is by sponsoring the Aug. 22 "Conserve, Go Green, Be Healthy: The Winning Edge For Your Business" fair in Garden Grove.

And the FACCOC has already been spreading the word thanks to those tried and true communicators: vegan zombies.

As in they prefer to feast on the brains and other assorted parts of vegans. Check out the nonprofit FACCOC's YouTube commercial, which already has more than 66,000 views since going up July 10:

The video was produced and directed by

Zen Freese


ZF Creative

and stars

Rhyan Schwartz

, an apparently unnamed urchin and

Radhaa Nilia

, who you can learn more about at:






Upcoming Events

and Twitter @RadhaaNilia.

The event the filmmaker and actors are promoting will be held at the Crowne Plaza, 12021 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove. Exhibitors, participants, cities and government agencies, sponsoring corporations, utility company reps, sellers of "green" or eco-conservation products and consumers will get to meet and exchange information.

For more details, visit www.facebook.com/faccoc. To register, go to http://greenfit4.eventbrite.com/.

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