Video: Tustin City Council Full of Obnoxious A-Holes

Usually city council meetings in Orange County are about as exciting to watch as, well, city council meetings anywhere. They are the bane of all but the most eager cub reporters' existence and covering them is probably the least favorite assignment of any journalist's career. But occasionally they're a blast, as revealed in this video of the Tustin city council's July 7, which was recently posted on Youtube.

In the clip, you can watch Deborah Gavello, the council's lone Democrat, as she tries to ask questions about the status of the city's investment portfolio. One by one, her Republican colleagues, including Jerry Amante, a shill for the county's toll road agency, interrupt her with patronizing commentary. Imagine that: a council member actually asking legitimate and probing questions! What is she thinking? Thank god the good citizens of Tustin have these blowhard douchebags to teach her a lesson!


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