Allen: Missing his Shield of David
Allen: Missing his Shield of David

VIDEO: Travis Allen, 72nd Assembly District Candidate, Believes Israel Has a "Divine Right" to the West Bank

This fall, voters in the 72nd Assembly District get to pick between two Republican yahoos: Los Alamitos mayor Troy Edgar and some businessman named Travis Allen. Allen made news earlier this year after it was revealed he had donated to Democrats in a previous life, a GOP sin worse than being a child molester (and this is not hyperbole on my part, right, Jeffrey Nielsen?). Allen is expected to lose, so he's hitching his campaign on an issue that most voters in the 72nd couldn't give a shit about: Israel, and its insatiable thirst to boot Palestinians out of the West Bank.

On his issues page, Allen goes from pertinent issues (education, taxes, budget) to the non-sequitor that is Israel. "As part of his service," reads his website, "Travis Allen is currently running for the California Legislature to begin a career of public service which will enable him to directly impact US policy toward Israel as our most cherished ally in the Middle East, and a bastion of Democracy and Security in an increasingly hostile environment."

Because that'll improve the atrocious asphalt streets in Westminster how?

But Allen is no mere chicken hawk; he's a war eagle for the idea that Israel should occupy as much land as they damn well please. He wants a "unified Israel that includes Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the Jewish people, and the recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided and eternal capital."

Judea and Samaria, of course, is the far-right term for what the rest of the world calls the West Bank, almost universally recognized as (at worst) occupied territory taken away from and (at best) the land for a future Palestinian state.

But not for Allen. He was in Israel during July hobnobbing with people who want Israel to formally declare the West Bank Israel. Check out this video of his trip, specifically around the seven-minute mark, where Allen not only shills for his Assembly campaign, but then says Israel was given to the Jews because of "destiny" and their "divine right" and supports Israelis who believe in a "manifest destiny" for Israel--how empire-loving of him! And check out the hot, buxom blonde next to him, the only thing that doesn't make the video unbearable...

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