[VIDEO:] Giant Squid is the Dana Wharf Star But Its Catcher Also Gives a Strong Performance

Videos of sea life taken from aboard Dana Wharf Sport Fishing boats often go viral, with 11 million YouTube views to date.

The star of the latest out of Dana Harbor is supposed to be one of the giant Humbolt squids plucked from the surface of Orange Coast waters in recent weeks, but we would award a best supporting role to a non-squid.

I mean, come on, where else other than the waters off Orange County will you find a guy in orange overalls and a viking helmet?

The giant squids are usually found 200 to 700 underwater off Mexico and California, but an abundance of krill they feed on at the top of the water due to tidal changes has them coming up to snack . . . and onto the hook of a certain fellow in orange overalls and a viking helmet.

Dana Wharf crews are used to finding small squid around 12 inches in length--after dipping bait into the water. That these big boys come right up to the top is a kick for guests aboard fishing and sightseeing boats, which have taken in squids weighing 3 to 5 pounds and, in years past, up to 35 pounds.

The video above went up yesterday. Check DanaWharf.com for newer videos, updates or what you need to do (and pay) to join the fun. Trips can also be booked at 949.496.5794, ext. 7.

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