[VIDEO:] Family Dog of Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly Kills Sea Lion in Laguna Beach

Former astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife Gabrielle Giffords have become national spokespeople for gun control since the former congresswoman out of Arizona was nearly shot to death in a January 2011 assassination attempt that took six lives and injured 11 others. Now the high-profile couple finds themselves on the other end of deadly victimization, as a bulldog mix belonging to Kelly's daughter/Giffords' stepdaughter reportedly killed a sea lion near Montage resort in Laguna Beach.

The Kelly family was vacationing at the Montage Saturday when Kelly's daughter took the 65-pound dog for a walk on the beach with a leash. But the pooch broke free, charged at a sea lion and, as the graphic video below shows, locked its teeth onto the sea creature:

A male onlooker can be heard shouting "Drown the dog! Drown the dog!," later explaining if the canine was placed underwater, it would unlock the dying sea lion and swim to shore. Mark Kelly later appears to take control over the dog and walk it back up the steps to the resort. The sea lion later died.

A spokesperson for Kelly says the family crated the dog and talked with police officers, who did not cite anyone because the dog broke free from its leash and no laws were broken.

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