Video: Birther Nutjob Orly Taitz Suffers MSNBC Meltdown

Just in time for Barack Obama's birthday--it's today--the queen of the so-called "birther" movement, Orly Taitz, appeared yesterday on MSNBC to talk up her latest "evidence" that Obama is not an American citizen. That "evidence" is an obviously forged "Republic of Kenya birth Certificate" that was issued several months before Kenya became a "Republic" and which even Karl Rove and Ann Coulter--no friends to the current commander in chief--concur is a fraud.

The clip--in which Taitz is alternatively grilled and ridiculed by hosts David Shuster and Tamron Brown, provides a fantastic illustration of the pure lunacy that is driving the birther movement. Nothing captures this willful idiocy more than the on-air behavior of Taitz, who fails to offer any "evidence" to support her "arguments" and instead, for more than five minutes, babbles incoherently and unconvincingly (since she's talking so much) about "Obama brownshirts" in the media who won't let her talk.


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